Given the surge in popularity of disposable vapes, vapers are now exploring ways to reduce their reliance on them. This blog addresses the primary concerns associated with disposable vapes, focusing on their environmental impact.

The surge in popularity of disposable vapes over the past year comes with significant drawbacks, particularly concerning the environment. According to Sky news, millions of these vapes find their way to landfills annually, with the UK alone discarding at least two every second. The long-lasting nature of plastic means that the environmental impact of disposable vapes persists for centuries, contributing to ongoing pollution.

Another concerning aspect is the batteries within disposable vapes, containing approximately a tenth of a gram of lithium metal. Astonishingly, around 10 tonnes of lithium end up in general waste landfills each year, a quantity sufficient to manufacture batteries for 1200 electric cars.

Approximately 7% of respondents admitted to purchasing disposable vapes, indicating an annual consumption of around 168 million in the UK. Alarmingly, more than half of these users acknowledged disposing of their used vapes in regular waste bins instead of utilizing designated waste electrical bins for recycling.

Transitioning from disposable vapes to reusable ones significantly decreases the amount of plastic and lithium waste. Reusable vape devices typically last for around two years before requiring replacement. Consequently, the environmental impact of discarding a reusable vape every other year pales in comparison to disposing of 52 to 365 disposable vapes annually.

The rationale for reducing the use of disposable vapes stems from two significant issues mentioned earlier: environmental consequences and the inability to customize intake. 

   Shifting to reusable vapes offers a substantial reduction in discarded plastic and lithium since replacement is only necessary every other year. Various device options cater to your vaping preferences, including pre-filled pod kits, refillable pod kits, and vape kits.

   The appeal of reusable vapes lies in their customization features, allowing adjustments to airflow and the flexibility to switch between e-liquid flavours. Additionally, while the upfront cost is typically £20 or more, the long-term savings outweigh the expenses associated with frequent disposable vape purchases.

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