Exploring Vaping While Traveling Internationally

Preparing for a vacation and uncertain about bringing your vape along? You're not alone! Many vapers are unsure about vaping regulations while traveling. Explore popular destinations like Greece and Egypt as we guide you through the vaping rules before your journey.

Is it allowed to bring vapes on an airplane?

In the United Kingdom, vaping is prohibited in all airports. However, you can carry vapes in your carry-on luggage, but storing them in checked luggage is not allowed for both domestic and international flights.

During security checks, ensure your vape is placed in your carry-on luggage. Additionally, your vape juice must be less than 100 ml and stored in a clear plastic bag, following the same guidelines as other liquids in your carry-on.

When bringing your vape onboard, it's crucial to note that smoking or vaping is strictly forbidden during the flight. While in or around airports, vaping is only permitted in designated smoking areas.

For airlines such as Aer Lingus, British Airways, EasyJet, Ryanair, and Virgin Atlantic, vapes can be stored in carry-on luggage, but their usage is prohibited on the plane. Given the absence of universal regulations for vape use in U.K. airports or airlines, we advise contacting your specific airport or airline promptly for compliance or security inquiries.

What is the limit for the number of vapes allowed on an airplane?

The allowed number of vapes or disposable vapes varies by airline. Keep in mind that all vapes have batteries, with limits on the number allowed in your carry-on luggage. For instance, British Airways allows up to 15 lithium-ion batteries, while Ryanair permits up to 20. E-cigarette tanks are restricted to 2 ml, and nicotine-containing e-liquid refills are limited to 10 ml.

Ensure your tanks and refill containers comply with these capacities, or they won't be allowed in your carry-on. If you have questions about the allowed number of vapes, it's advisable to contact the airline before your flight for clarification.

Regulations on Vaping in Well-Known Travel Destinations

Vaping rules vary globally, and there's no universal standard. It's crucial to verify which countries permit or restrict vaping. Given that regulations can change, always check before traveling abroad.


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