Unlocking the Art of Effortless E-Liquid Flavor Changes:

In the dynamic realm of the e-liquid sector, mastering the skill of smoothly switching between flavours has become a coveted ability for vapers. Explore this detailed guide to seamlessly transition between e-liquid varieties and enhance your vaping pleasure with each puff.
Exploring a variety of tastes without investing in multiple devices becomes possible for vapers who have enjoyed a specific e-liquid flavour for an extended period. Changing e-liquid flavours can be achieved through three primary methods, offering the opportunity to try pure flavours or create personalized blends.

Enhancing Your Vaping Experience by Reusing Your Pod or Tank

Ensure a fresh vaping experience by preventing lingering aftertastes caused by a dirty pod or tank. Follow the steps below to efficiently disassemble and clean your device for reuse.

1. Prior to switching e-liquid flavours, ensure to prime your coil by saturating it with a few drops of the new e-liquid. Allow the coil a few minutes to absorb the liquid, preventing the risk of dry hits or undesirable burnt tastes.
2. Following that, take out your pod or tank from the device; if your device's design permits, also remove the coil.
3. Remove all e-liquid from your pod or tank.
4. Rinse your pod or tank with warm water and shake it thoroughly to eliminate any surplus liquid.
5. To preserve your device's quality, it's essential to allow the pod or tank to dry thoroughly. The drying time may extend up to 24 hours, contingent on heat and humidity. If you wish to expedite the process, disassemble your tank or pod and meticulously dry it using tissue paper.
6. After drying, fill your pod or tank with the new e-liquid and attach the coil (if necessary). Let it sit for an additional five minutes to ensure proper saturation of the coil with the e-liquid.

Divide Pods and Tanks
With the evolution of the vaping landscape, the demand for fixed-coil pods and tanks has risen. This rise can be linked to the convenience fixed-coil devices provide, enabling vapers to maintain separate pods or tanks for each e-liquid flavour. This approach allows vapers to use one pod or tank while another undergoes cleaning and drying, ensuring a continuous and pleasurable vaping experience around the clock.

Blending E-Liquid Flavors
For those with an adventurous palate, we suggest retaining traces of your previous e-liquid flavour in your pod or tank and mixing it with the new e-liquid. To aid in achieving a smooth transition from one taste to another. 

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