Where are e-cigarettes prohibited

If you're new to the thrilling realm of vaping, you likely have numerous inquiries. One commonly asked question is, "In which locations are e-cigarettes prohibited?" It's a crucial matter to explore, given that vaping is not universally allowed, and the regulations can be less straightforward than those for traditional cigarette smoking.

Vaping within restaurants and pub

There is no legal prohibition against smoking indoors at restaurants, pubs, or cafes. Nevertheless, numerous establishments, particularly chain companies like McDonald's, Starbucks, and Wetherspoons, may implement a ban. Smaller restaurants and pubs might permit indoor vaping, but it's advisable to confirm with staff members beforehand.

Vaping at significant venues, including sports stadiums and venues alike

No specific laws govern vaping in sizable venues, and individual locations establish their own regulations. While many large venues strictly prohibit vaping, smaller ones may permit it indoors. Violating vaping rules in strict venues could lead to eviction or banning.

Prior verification is crucial. Certain venues prohibit indoor vaping but may permit it during specific events like vape expos. Each stadium and event has its unique regulations. In case of uncertainty, pertinent details can be found on the website or obtained from staff members.

What are the regulations on vaping in the United Kingdom?

In the UK, vaping restrictions focus on the composition of e-liquids rather than specific vaping locations. Key regulations include:

- E-liquid should not surpass 10ml, and clearomisers, cartridges, and tanks must be under 2ml.

- The highest permitted nicotine strength is 20%.

- Government approval is mandatory for all e-liquids before sales, with a 6-month grace period before availability.

- Purchasing vape products under the age of 18 is illegal.

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